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This project is now part of CC.NET Community Plugins and all future development and releases will take place there

      <codeplexRelease buildCondition="IfModificationExists">
              - Required: A CodePlex user name that has permissions to create a release for this project.
              - Required: The password for the CodePlex user account.
              - Optional: This is the URL name of the project. This is case sensitive. If this is 
                left blank, the CCNET project name will be used ( set to lowercase )
            @buildCondition [AllBuildConditions|IfModificationExists|ForceBuild]
              - Optional: The type of build to publish on. [default: AllBuildConditions]
              - Optional: A Collection of releases to create.
                - Required: The name of the release
                - Required: The description of the release
                - Required: A collection of files to include in the release.
              @releaseStatus [Planned|Released]
                - Required: The release status, either Planned or Released
              @releaseType   [{null}|Alpha|Beta|Nightly|Production]
                - Optional: The type of release. This will be added to the name of the release
                            but not to the name in the TaskResult, there is an attribute called Type
                            that will hold this value in the taskresult. [default:{null}]
              @releaseDate   [default: DateTime.Now]
                - Optional: This is the date the release was released. Ignored for Planned releases. 
              @isDefaultRelease [default: true]
                - Optional: If true, this release will be the default release.
              @showOnHomePage [default: true]
                - Optional: If true, this release will be shown on the home page.
              @showToPublic [default: true]
                - Optional: If true, this release will be visible to the public.
          <release releaseName="$(Label)">
            <description>$(ProjectName) $(Label)</description>
                    - Required: This MUST be the FULL PATH to the file.
                  @fileType [RuntimeBinary|SourceCode|Documentation|Example]
                    - Required: Tells CodePlex what type of file this is.
                  @mimeType [default: application/octet-stream]
                    - Optional: The mimeType of the file.
                  @name     [default: fileName]
                    - Optional: The name to display for the file. If left blank, the Name of 
                      the file will be used.
              <releaseFile fileName="F:\bins\$(ProjectName)\$(Label)\$(ProjectName).$(Label).zip"
                       fileType="RuntimeBinary" mimeType="application/x-zip"
                       name="$(ProjectName).$(Label)" />
              <releaseFile fileName="F:\bins\$(ProjectName)\$(Label)\$(ProjectName).$(Label)"
                       fileType="SourceCode" mimeType="application/x-zip"
                       name="$(ProjectName).$(Label).src" />
              <releaseFile fileName="F:\bins\$(ProjectName)\$(Label)\$(ProjectName).$(Label)"
                       fileType="RuntimeBinary" mimeType="application/x-zip"
                       name="$(ProjectName).$(Label).msi" />

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